Internship Class

Semester-long, for-credit internships with NYU Future Labs portfolio companies


NYU Tandon Juniors and Seniors


One semester. Spring 2022. Applications due December 31.


December 31, 2021

Why You Should Apply

Get Top Startup Experience

Get Top Startup Experience

Work with industry-changing startups at the Data, Urban, and Veterans Future Labs that closely align with your interests and skills. You will join founders and teams in supporting cutting-edge technology shaping the NYC entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Class Credit

Class Credit

Earn credit and take another step towards graduation, gaining valuable experience. The Internship program, led by Data Future Lab Managing Director Craig Wilson, gives you an opportunity to earn 3 academic credits.

Build Your Internship

Build Your Internship

With a minimum requirement of 120 hours for the semester, you have flexibility to dive into your startup experience. Set your hours with your startup and find a schedule that works for you both. Customize your internship to create the perfect balance with your other courses.

Project Based

Project Based

Own your own project from start to finish. Gain real-world skills that will help you in your future career, focusing on projects that make a difference.

Past Internship Roles:

You can look at all previous internship postings on the NYU Handshake platform:

Application Process

You can find all Future Labs internships eligible for the NYU Internship Class on Handshake. The deadline to apply for the Spring 2022 Internship program is December 31. After applying, founders of the startups will reach out for interviews the following week. Once interviews conclude, startups and Future Labs staff will attempt to match students and founders with their top choices, taking into consideration skillset, mission, and interest. Classes for Fall 2021 begin January 24.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to more than one startup? Please apply to no more than 3 roles. Depending on the interview process, you’ll be placed with one startup, based on your interests and the company’s mission. However, as there are a limited number of roles available, there is no guarantee of placement.

Where can I learn more about previous internships? Read about previous interns and their experiences here.

How am I graded on this internship? Interns are required to complete a midterm, final paper, and assessment of the company to pass. This is currently a Pass/Fail course.

What is a for-credit internship? This internship is for academic credit, and will earn the selected candidate 3 credits upon successful completion of the course. You must have 3 credits to devote to this course.

I’m an international student — can I take this class? Yes, international students are eligible to apply and enroll.

I’m not an NYU Tandon Junior or Senior — can I still participate? Not at present. This program is for NYU Tandon Juniors and Seniors only.

I’m not in NYC right now — can I work remotely? Definitely. Check with your company on timezones and schedules.

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